Gallery - #1015 The Big Shirt

Batik Tambal

This sample of The Big Shirt, was made for Batik Tambal, using their wonderful batik cottons. The Small Dome Blue Dots Resin Buttons were the perfect complimentary touch!

Detail of collar with pearl rayon decorative stitching.

Pocket detail.

The back yoke and front pockets were strip pieced with three coordinating batiks.

Pearl rayon was placed in the bobbin and sewn down under with a decorative serpentine stitch by just following the stitching lines from the piecing.

Using blue thread in the needle gave the pearl rayon a subtle twist!

Dancing Woman

For this version, I used Batik Rayon in Misty Teal for the body and Dark Blue for the Placket, Collar and Back Yoke.
It was stamped with a large "Dancing Woman" (don't you just love the "chorus line" on the back?).

The coordinating outfit underneath is #1021 Layers Tunic Top and Pants in Teal batik rayon.
For fun, I gathered the hem of the pants into a 2" wide cuff! Modeled by
Donna Babylon

Lynn's Shirt

Lynn used a rayon border print she found at a retail store (another fabric "collector", who else would work here?).

The *big* difference is she added to the length! She split the pattern just above the side back pleats and added 12" (unless you're 5'10" so you might want to add less).
The side back pleats are now down at knee level, along with the front.

Even though I'm only 5'5", when I tried on Lynn's shirt, I decided I MUST have one! This is an elegant rendition of a very comfortable design!

Alaska Dyeworks

For this sample, I used hand dyed rayon from Alaska Dyeworks. Victoria's hand dyed rayon is luxurious and very soft to the touch.
The Jewel Toned Dimension buttons from JJ Handworks were the perfect touch!