Gallery - #1022 Kowloon Coat

Black Cranes Kowloon

This #1022 Kowloon Coat was made from black cotton twill and lined with a black/bronze dotted cotton.
It was embellished with a
Crane Flight stamp, bias trim and machine stitching. Buttons from JJ Handworks

Blue Denim

Made from an unusual checked denim. It was further embellished with a Wave stamp and machine sashiko.

Blue Kowloon

The Coat was made from sueded rayon. The lining was stamped with "Curly Cues" in Shimmer Emerald, Blue Fire, and Violet. Buttons from JJ Handworks.

Joy Malm "Kowloon"

Joy used black linen to fashion this elegant coat. The front and back panels were embellished with black embroidery from her Bernina 180.

Further embroidery is found along the bands and cuffs. Stunning!

Kowloon Desert

I had a wonderful time working on this sample. Great fabric, fun stamps!

I used a gradation of hand dyed fabrics entitled "Desert Flowers", and stamped it with a Large Swirland Ric-Rac stamps.
Although you can't see it here, the lining was stamped with a Super Size "Pine" in a soft celadon color by mixing Silver Lace with just a drop of Olive Green.
To complete the ensemble Taipei Trousers in a middle shade of the gradation!

The panels of the coat were constructed by sewing 6" squares of all 8 colors of the gradated fabric,
which was first stamped with the Large Swirl, then again with the Ric-Rac stamp in radiating lines.
The Bands and Cuffs were topstitched in a zigzag pattern to mimic the ric-rac stamp.