Gallery - #1028 Artist Vest

Happy Frogs

I used Artist Vest, and "Frog Squares" for the center panels and "Frog Pond" for the sides.
I used Turquoise Washer Linen for the armhole binding and front band which has a narrow Bright Green Batik Cotton accent.
I lined it with Apple Green Hang Loose which was stamped with
Dancing Frogs.

Detail of front band and mini frog feet stamps.

Frog buttons leap about on the band.

What's a happy frog vest without a few dancing frogs in the lining?

Eastern Ponies

I used "Uma" Eastern Horse print for the main fabric. It was zig-zag pieced with strips of Raspberry Mottled Cotton and Far East.
I bound the armhole edges with solid black and made a striped Front Band with the same three fabrics.
After piecing the fronts and back I appliquéd more horses over the cut apart print (it's un-nerving to see only the bottom halves of horses!).
Lined it with Camel Hang Loose which was stamped with Small Kanji and Small Water Lily and Wheat stamps.
The technique for the zig-zag piecing is part of the pattern directions.

Detail of applique.

Detail of lining with wording masked off kanji stamps.

"Dragon Lady" by Candy Cox Blann

"I bought the Bali Dragon fabric first, then shortly saw the wallhanging pattern, "Imperial Dragon" by Susan Ervin Smith.
I shopped around for coordinating fabrics, with the "Debbie Mumm" stripe being a questionable addition until I started putting it together.
I collected dragon charms, embroidery designs, etc. until I had a sizable palette to work with.
Several fabric combinations, and actual construction details (the lining is now part of a coordinating top,
and the vest is now unlined as the Bali Dragon print was beautiful on both sides) were changed and or altered as I went.

The "Artist Vest" gave nice clean lines (princess just won't do!) with a very workable canvas.
I made up the vest pattern in a border edged batik, to play with the sizing and drape I wanted first.
This was well worth my time here (narrowed the side panels by 2 inches, straightened them slightly),
and I have another great "duster" vest. I put in over 80 hours on this vest (part due to changes in re-construction).

The dragon is ultrasuede, with the dragon body showing embossed scales (self carved stamp from the pattern)
and is glued in place with Fabri Tac (best choice in durability & flexibility with multi and teeny pieces, often layered).
The triangular ornament on the back Dragon panel is an old 80's earring piece that I attached a dragon charm to,
and which wraps around a black tassel to hide the nonmatching tiny stripe mitered corner (the other border would match but NOT this one!).

Also this vest was delayed a month as my 18 yr. old saw the Dragon fabric, a week before his birthday & asked for a Hawaiian shirt out of it
(completed with a Dragon head on a black pocket, topaz crystal eyes!), so I had to order more fabric before I could complete my vest.
Also same kid asked that I wear this to his HS graduation ceremony at the Tacoma Dome (463 kids + parents, relatives!),
to show his friends that his Mum did make his shirt!" -- Candy Cox Blann, Auburn, Washington

Fish Vest - Modeled by Donna Babylon

I bound the armhole edges with textured fabric from Fl-Air Fabric Design. After appliquéing the fish (also from Flair),
I stenciled "sea grass" from ReVisions "Turtles 'n Grass". Next were stamped "bubbles" and finally more sea grass embroidered with a Viking Designer 1.
The bands were attached with a bit of the textured fabric peeking out from the seam, and then embroidered in Sulky rayon with shell button accents.

The coordinating outfit underneath is Layers Tunic Top and Pants in Teal batik rayon. For fun, I gathered the hem of the pants into a 2" wide cuff!

Detail of front.

Detail of back.