Gallery - #1029 Asymmetry

Eastern Cottons

I used #1029 Asymmetry, and "Eastern Cottons" for the tunic.
The main fabric for the tunic and skirt is "Letters Indigo" while the side panels and sleeves are "Sage Kanji".
The angled accents (which is an option in the pattern) were done with "Blue Plants".
The skirt may appear shorter than the pattern illustration, and in fact it is.
This was a first test sample and the pattern was lengthened after seeing how this worked up. You can make yours any length you like!

This is a detail of the neckline. Yes, it's asymmetrical too!

Batik Rayon Asymmetry

I used "Purple Geo" Batik Rayon print for the tunic. The pants have the detail seam but I chose to use all one fabric.
It doesn't quite "fit" my mannequin since she's a tad on the skinny side and the sample is a larger size.

Diane Sperling

Diane "Red Lilies" Batik Rayon print for the tunic and skirt.