Gallery - #1031 Four Seasons

Four Seasons Spring

For this View A version of "Spring" I used Lilac Tencel Linen.
The design was stenciled by mixing blue mist with
emerald shimmer for the leaves and blue mist with orchid for the flowers.

By combining a lighter shade of paint (blue mist) with the darker base color (emerald and orchid) I achieved a softer look while still retaining the shimmer aspects of the paint.

I went back and added demension with the darker shades just on the edges of the leaves and petals. Highlights were added to the petals by dabbing just the blue mist in the centers.

I made two copies of my design on overhead projector transparencies.

Cutting one for the leaves and another for the flowers.

This makes a really easy two-part stencil.

Four Seasons Summer

For this View B version of "Summer" I used Copper Sun batik rayon for the main dress and Tropical Sorbet for the contrast accents.
I used a combination of stenciling, stamping and appliqué.

The bodice front was stenciled using the design for "Summer" that comes with the pattern. I mixed magenta with a dash of golden yellow textile paint.

Then I appliquéd long triangular wedges of the contrast fabric to expand the sun's "rays".

Nar the left front hem, I appliquéd three small squares, set on point of the contrast fabric.

I carried the theme through to the back right hem, adding a stamped sun and one triangle off center.

Four Seasons Fall

For this View C version of "Fall" I used sueded rayon for the dress. To keep the design monochromatic, I stamped with the coordinating "Fall" images in a tone-on-tone color.
The overskirt looked a little too monochromatic, so I added a textured finish, and repeated it on the neck binding.

The fabric was stamped using the designs for "Fall" that come in two sizes.
I mixed pearl and bronze textile ink to achieve a tone-on-tone look.
I chose inks for their translucent quality and applied it with a blank pad to keep the image soft.

If you look in the bottom corner of the fabric you can see where I tested the color by just dipping my finger in the medium and making a dot. This is in the selvage and will be cut off.

The fabric being stamped. The large and small "Fall" stamps are used together in a repeating, yet offset pattern.

The overskirt was too "blah" and needed some added interest. After masking off the stamped images, I created a textured stripe with a foam brayer that has been "altered".

To make the nifty brayer, I simply slid the foam tube off the roller, cut it in to rings, and slid some of the pieces back on. Cutting the foam with scissors gave me some interesting and uneven rings!

The fabric after the mask was peeled away. I cut my mask slightly large than the image so I was sure to get a "border" around it. This makes the image stand out more, especially using all the same color.

Detail of the lower skirt. The picture is taken from a 3/4 angle so you can see the button placket. I used Mojave Stone buttons. The perfect color and they even have a stripe effect!

While texturing the contrast skirt, I decided to do the neck binding too. I think it carries the theme through nicely.

Fall Batik Four Seasons

For this View C version of "Fall" I used Midnight Garden Batik Rayon for the main dress and Cloud Burst for the contrast.
Notice the neck binding is also done in the contrast.

Detail of skirt overlay and Sea Island Amethyst buttons.

Four Seasons Spokes

For this View D version of "Winter" I used Starburst Earth Tone cotton for the main dress and Taupe Kona Cotton for the contrast pleated band. I used the colors in the print fabric to reproduce the Spokesstamped image on the pleated skirt

Detail of pleated contrast with stamped Spokes image.

I used the colors in the printed fabric to help me determine what to stamp with. Scarlet, Golden Yellow, Olive and Blue.

Letting the colors mix and blend on the inking plate created additional shadings of brown, rust and forest green.

Four Seasons Sunflowers

For this View B version of "Summer" I used Sunflowers batik rayon. It's the perfect fabric for a simple summer dress!