Gallery - #1032 Baltimore

Dalmation au DeVil

I used Black Nordic Fleece and Dalmatian Fleece for the collar, cuffs and lower band.
Porcelain Dalmatian buttons were the perfect touch!

Of course, as you know Cruella DeVil was soundly trounced by the Dalmatians.

What a better finish than a red hang loose lining stamped with
big dog paws!

Crazy Patch Linen

I used Periwinkle Iridescent Linen and Pastel Batik Cottons for the collar and cuffs, which were crazy pieced.
Patchwork Buttons by JJ Handworks.

Coat with collar worn open and closed.

Detail of the crazy pieced collar.

To get the look of an old quilt, I first traced the collar and cuffs on cotton flannel.
I cut the pieces out making sure to leave at least a 2" border around all edges. Then I crazy pieced the batik cotton to the flannel.
After that, I tossed everything in the washer and dryer with a bunch of towels. The result was a soft almost worn look because of the puckering caused the flannel shrinking.
After relaying my pattern tissue and cutting out the actual pieces, I used three different variegated Sulky rayon colors and a feather stitch on my Viking D1 over the seams.

The lining was stamped with butterflies in multicolored hues of Magenta, Orchid, Yellow Green, and Blue Fire.

Linen Baltimore

For this Baltimore I used Moss Linen and Island Taupe Batik Rayon for the collar, cuffs and seam detailing. Buttons by JJ Handworks.

Coat with the collar worn open.

Detail of top button and loop. I purposely rolled the facing to the outside creating a faux piping!

With all the soft green earthy tones I just had to use Leaves 1 & 2 in shades of Rubine and Olive Green for the stamped lining.

Side view showing the inseam detailing and mock welt pocket.