What would you like to look at today?
1001 Patchwork Vest 1002 To Dye for Duster 1003 Ultimate Jeans Jacket
1005 Cardigan 1006 Ink Blot Jacket 1007 Kimono Jacket and Vest
1009 Catch the Wave 1010 Windowpane Jacket and Vest 1011 Samurai Shirt and Trousers
1012 Northern Exposure 1014 Versatile Vest 1015 The Big Shirt
1020 Border Camp Shirt 1021 Layers 1022 Kowloon Coat
1023 Nepal 1024 Safari 1025 Sahara
1026 Forecast 1027 Kanji Coat 1028 Artist Vest
1029 Asymmetry 1030 Jakarta 1031 Four Seasons
1032 Baltimore 1033 Night & Day 1034 Mosaic
1035 Contemporary Classic 1051 Modern Empire 1052 Everyday Hoodie
1053 All the Right Angles 1054 Princess Layer

This is where we show off the talents of incredible fiber artists and our own "in house" work. Meant entirely for inspiration!

To join us here, send a photo (mechanical or digital), and any information that would be helpful describing your work. Enclose a SASE if you'd like your photo returned. Send your digital photos and information to: info@danamarie.com.