Gallery - #1051 Modern Empire

Broken Chevron Italian Ponte Double Knit

To take advantage of this wonderful fabric, I minimized the additions. Using Stretch Petersham Ribbon and eliminating the gathers in the back.

Diamond Print Knit

Red Petersham Ribbon was used for the outside casing. Black cording for the drawstring and black fold over elastic neck binding.

Royal Textured Knit

I chose to make this version with no casings. I simply used the criss-cross pattern as a guide for my bobbin work in black pearl rayon thread. Fold over elastic for the neck binding in blue so the focus is on the stitching. It's a loose, soft fit version!

Yes, the bobbin work is squiggly! When I did my test sample, it had hitches in places. After looking at it a bit, I liked the effect. It reminded me of electronic screen patterns.

Rayon Floral Print

An inside casing using seam binding, and the draw is with 1/4" elastic (no ties). Self-fabric neck binding.

Rayon Leopard Print

Gold Fold Over Elastic was sewn to the surface, stretching as it was stitched. Self-fabric neck binding. Flutter sleeve.

4-way Stretch Diagonal Weave Knit

My first test sample. Inside casing of seam binding and Black Petersham Ribbon ties. Black fold over elastic neck binding.